What I do

Writing is changing.

Or let’s say: reading is changing, and writing is struggling to catch up.

You don’t need an expert to tell you that people are reading more, yet focusing on less than ever before. Regardless of whether you’re writing an article, a book, or a training course, that means:

  • You have to engage your reader. More than ever, you need to know who your reader is and address their concerns right off the bat.
  • You have to be clear. People won’t struggle to understand what you’re trying to say. They’ll just move on.
  • You have to be brief. Readers have limited time and plenty of other places they need to be, not to mention a limited attention span.
  • You have to be you. Authenticity builds trust and credibility. Without these, you’re already lost in the masses.

As an editor, this is basically what I help people do. As a proofreader, I can make sure you’ve done it and your writing shines.

Everyone I work with has something unique and useful to say. I’m here to give you a better chance of communicating your message and personality, instead of losing both in unclear, confusing, or unnecessary language.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve put together an FAQ of common questions people have about my work, as well as a list of reasons for hiring an editor.

Alternatively, if this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s talk!

Happy clients!


Zoe is an excellent editor. Looking forward to working with her again.

Viktoriia B. – Content manager

Blog and content editing

I can help you hone your blog post or article to get your message out to a busy world. More…

Non-fiction book editing

I can help you structure your ideas, keep your reader engaged, and make it all look great. More…

Education and training

I can help you create materials that explain, inform, engage, and inspire. More..